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About Fy

“Our mission is to create and share paddles that we LOVE.”

After 2 years of constant testing and refinement we have combined innovative design with the latest production technology to bring you paddles and boards that make SUP, DSUP, surfing and kayaking safer, easier, and hence even more addictive! Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned pro, Fy paddles and boards have been designed with you in mind.

Join us to take the evolution of water sports to the next level!

Why Fy? Fy is derived from the Māori word for the stingray (Whai – pronounced ‘Fy’) which personifies grace, speed and beauty in the water. Fy also alludes to the Golden Ratio (Phi – also pronounced ‘Fy’), a phenomenon that permeates throughout nature, connecting proportion and beauty to strength and balance. Fy/Whai/Phi informs our designs, our graphic, our ‘what’ we make and our why we do what we do…    We often meet Whai (stingray) out paddling or surfing…  it reminds us to stay true to our mission.


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