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We proudly offer full UD carbon SUP, DSUP (double blade SUP) and Kayak (greenland) paddles. Our +2-layer reinforced blade rails mean our paddles are lighter than ABS edged blades yet can handle the knocks without delaminating. Our DSUP and Kayak paddles have jumbo oval shafts for a positive, comfortable grip. Our Mono SUP paddles are getting rave reviews – super stable, super light.

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Why Fy?

Two years of product development blood, sweat and tears and 100’s of hours of test paddling are behind the Powerglide. To successfully produce a full-carbon, ultra longneck paddle, with double-bend oval shaft, gradient flex, varied dihedral blade contour, continuous wrap carbon edge, enhanced blade angle, and a swing/blade weight of under 180g was one heck of a mission!

With over eighty pieces of pre-preg carbon hand-laid in varying thicknesses and grain orientations over such a complex form, we needed to utilize three types of production in each blade – CNC foam core, soft silicon dummy mould and high pressure bladder mould.

Our production manager, who has over 15 years of production experience in high-end bicycle frame and performance paddles, said this was the most complicated project he’d ever worked on. He was as proud as we were when the first production-standard blades were extracted from the 400kg precision steel master moulds.

Back in New Zealand, the first time we got the Powerglides out on the water was incredibly satisfying…  the multiple elements we had factored into the design were performing even better than expected. Here’s a rundown…

Efficiency: The increased blade angle (over twice that of a single SUP paddle) optimises the deeper-into-the-stroke power curve of the double-blade stroke.

Pop and Drop: The double-bend shaft to reduce lateral rotation inertia unlocks an effortless shaft twist to ‘pop’ the blade out at the end of the stroke with minimal water lift. Twist ‘Popping’ the rear blade out at the end of the stroke accelerates the ‘drop’ of the front blade and rotates it perfectly for clean entry. The flow, symmetry and increased speed of a perfected ‘pop and drop’ stroke action is a joy to master, especially for those technique junkies out there!

Cadence: Reduced blade areas optimised the higher cadence DSUP stroke and the varied dihedral contour (deep at blade head, subtle at blade tip) balanced blade stability with release resistance, allowing a positive, accelerated ‘pop’.

Adjustability: Twin-pivot clamps allow quick and easy shaft length adjustment on the fly to lengthen up for downwind runs, or to shorten and drop body position for upwinders. And the clamp does not get in the way like it does on single paddles – with DSUP you don’t need to change sides/hand position.

Weight: Double layered, continuous-wrap UD carbon edges means no need for the added weight of ABS rails, one of the key factors to keeping the swing weight under 180g. And, with double-blade SUP, swing weight is key. Weighing in at around 700g, the Powerglide is less than half the weight of most other DSUP blades out there.

Comfort: Not to forget our contact points – hands…   After 100’s of hours of testing, we settled on Jumbo 36 X 32mm oval shafts to maximise comfort and grip. The standard 29mm round shafts that other DSUP brands use, we found caused discomfort during long sessions. DSUP shafts need to be more like a kayak shaft than a SUP shaft. A silky smooth matt finish further enhances grip and comfort.

So, there we have it, the Fy Powerglide explained. What does this all add up to? Why Fy? Why use a double-blade SUP paddle?

Well, with our Fy users, be they tentative beginners or seasoned paddleboarders, the feedback is so often the same…    they now paddle further, more often and, most importantly, find it more enjoyable…

And that, for team Fy, is mission successful!


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